Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reaching Out

Now that I’m getting the hang of the world of blogging, it is time to reach out. At the time right before this post, only some select friends and relatives have been made aware of this blog’s existence. Of course this cannot remain the case since the purpose is to connect with a variety of people, including parents and guardians of children with special needs, teachers and professionals who work with these children and families, other people involved in education or related non-profits, or those generally interested in the subject. We are building this foundation and resource center for all these people, and what better way than to make them apart of it? And by “these people” I mean you, the reader. So it is you that I am asking for participation. This means your questions, comments, ideas, stories, and what you envision would be at our center. Obviously most of our ideas and visions have not been shared yet so I am sure the questions are innumerable. We also have so much more to think about and figure out. This is still only the beginning. We are just eager to make this blog and this process of building Green Bee interactive and have the wider community know about what we are doing as soon as possible. Why wait?

If you don’t feel comfortable posting a comment or question publicly, you can always email us at This avenue may also be a good idea if you have a long story you would like to submit. Perhaps it can become its own post for others to comment on. The possibilities for the ways to exchange ideas are endless. In order to reach out as far as we can, we will need to utilize a variety of social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. We also need to take steps to make the blog more visible on google. While I am familiar with and frequent these sites, my knowledge of how to best utilize them for the purpose of promoting Green Bee is limited. Luckily this is one area where we have support from a knowledgeable friend, and for that we are very grateful. Thank you!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Building Support

Starting a non-profit is next to impossible without support. This support can take many forms: monetary (of course), emotional, knowledge, time, and material and information resources to name a few. While our ideas and knowledge of special education are huge contributing factors to the potential success of the Green Bee Foundation, Rachel and I are starting with little to no personal monetary resources and limited knowledge of the specifics on starting a non-profit. Fortunately we have established a strong network of people who are able to help us fill in what is missing. Our connections will even lead to the much needed monetary and even real estate resources. Our supporters include our family, friends, coworkers, employers, professors, and a variety of business persons and acquaintances. We have built these relationships through friends or family, while at events, or during a general night out on the town. The key has been to always talk about our endeavor with the utmost enthusiasm. This enthusiasm has become quite contagious and has grown to be what I believe an empowered little Green Bee army.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Beginning

The purpose of this blog is to document the dream and the journey of what is to be the Green Bee Foundation. It started with two people with the same desire to improve the lives of children, especially for those with special needs. Our mission is to do what we can to provide services and supports to children with special needs. Some questions to keep in mind as we embark on this journey are: Where do these students go to be educated and receive services? Who decides what they need? How do teachers prepare themselves for children with diverse needs? What can be done to ensure children receive the best and most appropriate tools necessary? How can we serve as community role models? How can we create a safe, intellectually stimulating, resource savvy, supportive and environmentally sustainable community center?

Before I go any further, let me introduce ourselves. Rachel V and I (Rachel B) are two individuals who have had hands on experience within many areas of special needs including issues that go along with teaching, technology, funding, and the process of school admission to an appropriate educational atmosphere. Our experiences have led us to witness moderate to grave injustices when it comes to children receiving the kind of education and support they need and undeniably deserve. For me, growing up within the overcrowded New York City public school system provides our team with a unique perspective. Additionally, my graduate studies at Bank Street College have given me the opportunity to delve deep into many areas within education as well as opportunities to reflect on my own experiences as a student and as a teacher. This kind of personal reflection will be important for any of us working at the Green Bee Foundation in order to effectively understand and work with the diverse people, needs, and situations we will encounter in the many years to come.

Updates to this blog may include: what we are currently working on, personal anecdotes, the joys and trials of starting a non-profit, interesting research, visions for the foundation, philosophical queries, or topics presented in order to generate public discussion.

We welcome all to join us as we embark on the building of Green Bee!