Friday, April 2, 2010

Building Support

Starting a non-profit is next to impossible without support. This support can take many forms: monetary (of course), emotional, knowledge, time, and material and information resources to name a few. While our ideas and knowledge of special education are huge contributing factors to the potential success of the Green Bee Foundation, Rachel and I are starting with little to no personal monetary resources and limited knowledge of the specifics on starting a non-profit. Fortunately we have established a strong network of people who are able to help us fill in what is missing. Our connections will even lead to the much needed monetary and even real estate resources. Our supporters include our family, friends, coworkers, employers, professors, and a variety of business persons and acquaintances. We have built these relationships through friends or family, while at events, or during a general night out on the town. The key has been to always talk about our endeavor with the utmost enthusiasm. This enthusiasm has become quite contagious and has grown to be what I believe an empowered little Green Bee army.

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